Farming overview

In-game farming opens new ways to increase your profit and we're here to explain how

Farming will be available on listing day. The $BPT-$AVAX pair will be added after the DEX Listing, and users will be able to check the current farming % and rewards on the Bold Points website. If you manage to be the first to join the pool, you’ll ensure higher returns.

For those who are just interested in farming, the mechanism will be similar to the one implemented in the YAY Platform. But for Bold Point players we've implemented additional incentives: gamers who survive the undead invasions will have an increased % of APR.

Users can clear up to 20 waves of undead attacks, with different difficulty levels. For defeating the undead in each wave players will be receive additional points. Depending on the total number of points, users will get an increased APR.

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