ZEUS 1.0

Dexsport is an innovative project that changes the way users think about betting. The platform is a DeFi prediction platform that includes: sports betting, play-to-earn games betting, maprediction

Getting started

Please note that in case of interaction with the IGO platform, the staking reward is an opportunity to get into the Whitelist in order to buy project allocation for a lower token price.

For users who do not have the opportunity to use staking services, a round of token sales is provided, which is called FCFS and goes immediately after the close of the whitelist sale round.

To participate in the whitelist sale, you need to stake your YAY and pay in BNB during the whitelist sale for the selected pools.

$100 ticket in BNB = 5'000 DESU and 20000 YAY 7 day lock after unstaking (200 pools) $200 ticket in BNB = 10'000 DESU and 37500 YAY 15 day lock after unstaking (75 pools) $300 ticket in BNB = 15'000 DESU and 37500 YAY 30 day lock after unstaking (50 pools)

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  • In the window that appears to confirm the installation, choose the checkmarks and click “Continue”.

  • Click "Sign" in the opened wallet.

How to get into the Whitelist

  • The whitelist will open on the DESU Token card 24 hours before the start of sales. You will see the number of available pools and a countdown timer. Click "View more".

A page will open where you will see a card with information and a whitelist card with the available number of YAY staking pools. Also on the page you can see Project info, IGO Details.

  • Click "Approve" to confirm staking and choose your tier.

  • After confirmation, you will have access to pool staking, click on 7,15,30 day lock if available.

  • YAY will be debited, the selected slot will become inactive, the description of the selected pool will be highlighted.

When the whitelist closes on the IGO page on the DESU Token card, you will see the "whitelist is closed" and the countdown until the whitelist sale starts.

Whitelist sale start

Whitelist sale will be available if you have staked your YAYs in one or several pools before the start.

  • When the whitelist sale starts, you'll see the whitelist sale on the DESU Token card, which will last 2 hours and a timer with a countdown until the start of FCFS. Click "View more".

  • A page with a sale card will open, make a payment in BNB by clicking on the pool you previously staked.

  • After clicking on the pool, payment will be made in BNB, and the pool will become inactive.

Participation in the FCFS Sale

If at the end of the whitelist sale there are still available pools, the FCFS sale will open.

  • On the DESU Token card you will see FCPC SALE IS LIVE. Click "View more"

  • The sale page will open, where you will see the FCFS Sale card. Click "Public"

Unstaking YAY

After the end of the whitelist sale, you can get your YAYs Go to the sale card and move the slider to Whitelist

  • Select the desired staked pool on the card and click "Unstake".

  • The pool will change to "Unstaking" and a countdown timer will start.

At the end of the timer, the Collect pool will appear on the card, by clicking on which you will receive your YAYs.

How to get DESU / Claim

After the expiry of the time in accordance with the pool you have chosen, you will see Desu Claiming on the DESU Token card. Click "View more".

  • The sale page will open with a card on which the pool's Claim will be available and the time until the next claim, if the vesting has not ended. Click on "Claim" to get DESU.

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