AVAX ↔️ BSC Bridge

YAY connects not only physical and virtual worlds, but different blockchain universes as well. First step is to ensure smooth transition from BSC to Avalanche and back.

What's the bridge and why do we need it?

A blockchain bridge is a connection that allows token transfers from one chain to another. Thanks to the bridge users obtain access to the benefits of different blockchain technologies without having to choose between platforms

We believe that the smooth transition between Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche is a great contribution to the decentralized gaming industry since it allows a larger audience to discover the advantages of AVAX while widening the range of possibilities for Avalanche supporters.

How to use our bridge?

You can safely transfer $YAY from Binance Smart Chain to Avalanche or the other way around in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Fill in the transfer request and accept it

To get started, you need to specify how many tokens and from which blockchain you want to transfer. After that, simply press the "Transfer" button to confirm your request:

Please make sure that you have enough BNB or AVAX to cover the blockchain network fees.

Step 2: Wait for your request to be processed

After you click "Transfer", you'll be redirected to the next screen with detailed transaction status. On this screen, you can monitor the status of the transfer: confirmation status, time, plus the info about token amount and gas costs.

If you haven't added a YAY smart contract to your wallet yet, you can easily do it by pressing "Add token".

3. Receive confirmation of the transaction result

Shortly after you submit the request you'll see a notification with the transaction result. In most cases, you should receive a confirmation about the transaction's success in less than a minute.

If something went wrong while your request was processing, your tokens will be on the initial blockchain in your wallet, so you can refresh the page and try again in a few minutes.

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