How to play in the battle mode

A quick overview of the battle mode in Bold Point


Game field is a flat space, divided into squares where the game is happening. Each square is available for a placement of one unit. The field is divided in two parts, you’re placing your warriors on your half and on the other there are warriors of your enemy.

Pay attention to how you place troops - your victory depends on it.

Battle process

To recruit the warriors you need to press the “buy” button under the icon of the warrior that you want to recruit. You can change positions of recruited warriors on your half of the field by holding the right mouse button.

To start the fight press the button “start wave”. Be careful because the start of each wave takes a certain amount of energy that is shown on the button. The energy reserve is displayed in the upper-right corner. After you press the button “start wave” the fight between your warriors and enemy warriors will begin automatically.

If you win you get a certain amount of gold that you can spend on purchasing warriors and upgrading them. Also you will receive points that you can convert into tokens. If you lose you start again from the first level with the initial amount of gold, but previously gained points will be saved in your account.


In inventory you'll see potions you currently have. You can receive it by opening loot boxes bought on the website.

To use the potion you need to drag it with the mouse on a warrior, it'll be activated automatically.

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