How to use inventory

Tips and tricks to make your work with inventory simpler

To replenish your inventory with various potions you can press “Buy” in the inventory or go to this page.

How to use boxes

Bought boxes you can check in the tab “BOXES”

If you click on a box you’ll see more details on possible contents with drop rate details. To get the contents you need to press “Open”

How to transfer assets

In the “Inventory” tab you can transfer assets between your wallet and game inventories.

From the wallet to your gaming profile

Click any asset you want to transfer and in the opened window enter the number you need. After it, you need to press “To game inventory”.

In the notification in your wallet, you need to press “Confirm” to complete the transfer.

From game assets to the wallet

First of all, you need to check if your profile is unlocked and press “Unlock profile” if it’s still locked

Once your profile is unlocked you can click on any asset and transfer it to the wallet inventory.

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