Farming helps our community members acquire extra rewards from their $YAY tokens. You can use your $YAY to earn an extra Annual Percentage Yield (APY) while using any of our farms. The process is quite simple, to start farming, you need to provide liquidity on Pancakeswap (PCS) and pledge your LP tokens on our platform to earn rewards.

  1. Visit, select Binance and connect your wallet. After that select Farming.

2. When selected you will be redirected to the Farming tab, where you can see current farming. Here you can observe an active YAY-BUSD staking with YAY income


TOTAL STAKED — amount, that is currently used in staking,

FARMING APY — interest rate.

Also you may find:

  • staking,

  • beginning and final,

  • all your staked tokens,

  • your reward.

3. Generate an YAY-BUSD pair’s LP token to participate in farming. To do that click on “Get LP tokens”

4. You’ll be transferred to the PancakeSwap page. There you have to place the liquidity, find and place YAY-BUSD. A new LP token will be generated from them. It will participate in farming.

5. Connect your wallet

6. Select the sum: Enter your sum in any token, the second token will be automatically converted.

Click on the “Enable YAY”, and “Enable BUSD”

7. After that your wallet will request a confirmation. Confirm!

8. After confirmation a “Supply” button should appear. Click on Confirm!

9. Check all the info one more time and confirm once again by clicking the “Supply” button

10. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

11. After the pair is created, click on “Add Cake-LP to Metamask”, to add the LP YAY-BUSD tokens to your wallet.

12. Return to Hooray! You have LP tokens and now can start farming! Click the button “Deposit LP YAY-BUSD”

13. Now it’s necessary to select the precise sum. Check different amount of token’s sum and how it affects the reward’s sum

14. Click the “Approve” button and approve the operation in your wallet after the farming sum is entered

15. Selects the “LP YAY-BUSD” tokens sum, created in the previous steps and click “Deposit” to fix it. Approve the operation in your wallet

16. Congratulations!! You're a Farming user!

After the deposit is made, percentages begin to accrue. You can deposit tokens at any time, receive any sum, reward or only what you have already earned!

  • By clicking “Deposit” you may enter new LP YAY-BUSD tokens anytime you want. It will increase the sum of the coming percentages. Attention! After tokens added an automatic earned percent charging will occur. Also the new LP YAY-BUSD tokens sum percent will be recalculated.

  • By clicking “Claim” you may take your reward in percents

  • By clicking “Withdraw” you may partially or fully withdraw your deposit. Attention! After withdrawal and automatic earned percent charging will occur. Also the new LP YAY-BUSD tokens sum percent will be recalculated.

  • By clicking “Exit” you may return both your deposit and reward

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