AVAX/BSC Networks | Doodle Pump

If you want to jump your way to the top and win $YAY tokens along the way, Doodle Pump is perfect for you. Here you'll find a step by step guide to make your journey easier.

Getting started

Please note that in order to play, you need to have some BNB (for BSC network) or AVAX (for Avalanche network) on your wallet - around 15¢ in order to pay the gas fee on the blockchain

Before you start playing Doodle Pump you need to make sure you're all set up:

  • Pick "Doodle Pump" and press "Grant Access"

Join the doodle party

Now that you're ready to win, let's explore what options you have.

To start playing, you need to click "Join Game" or "Create Game". In both cases, you'll need to pick the amount of tokens you want to stake: 100, 200, 500, or 1000 $YAY.

If you decide to join the game, you'll be able to check what games with the same stake are available at the moment and compete with the player of your choice.

When you create the game, you'll be able to play first and need to wait a bit until your perfect competitor finds you.

The game remains active for 240 minutes only. If you created the game and didn't play - your competitor will win by default and take your $YAY.

How to play?

To play Doodle Pump simply press ⬅️and ➡️ buttons on your PC, or tap on your smartphone screen ◀️ side and ▶️ side to reach the platforms.

Avoid spades and be careful with disappearing platforms when reaching new heights, and you'll have pretty good chances to multiply your $YAY bags.

Please note: if you refresh the page with the game, your score will be recorded as 0, thus you'll lose by default. Take every chance!

YAY remembers everything

In the lobby, you can also check the history of your games by clicking on the "History" button. Here you'll find the list of games you played, your scores, results, so you'll be able to easily track your progress.

What are the fees?

10% of each round's bank will go to the treasury.

Don't forget to collect your rewards and show who's the real jumper in this gang😎

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