How to create a crypto wallet

How to setup a wallet to start playing Bold Point

1 . Please install one of the next wallets:

2. Launch Metamask and press the button “Get Started”.

3. You’ll be able to import or create a new wallet. To create a new wallet you need to press “Create a Wallet”.

4. Check MetaMask’s data processing policy and confirm it by clicking “I Agree”

5. Create a password, check the box to confirm that you’ve read the Terms of Use, and press the button “Create”

6. Check the video on how to protect your wallet and click “Next”

7. Click somewhere in the area that contains secret words, make sure to write them down in a secure place, and press “Next”

8. Enter secret words in the same order you saw in the previous step and click the button “Confirm”.

9. Congratulations! Now you have your own wallet, you just need to press “All Done”.

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