Claiming Tokens

Do you want to see your YAY tokens on your wallet balance? Now we will guide you how to do it.

Step 1: Authorization in your personal account

To make it comfortable we have prepared exemplary personal account, which will display detailed information about your contribution:

  • Number of tokens available for claiming

  • Investment round in which you participated

  • Current Vesting period

  • Time until the next Vesting period

  • Information about how many tokens you have already received and how many you going to get

How to make sure that your MetaMask Wallet is connected to the Binance Smart Chain

How to Add a Custom Token to MetaMask

1) Open MetaMask and click Assets to see the tokens in your wallet.

2) Scroll down to the bottom and click Add Token.

3) Click Custom Token.

4) Paste the contract address for YAY 0x524df384bffb18c0c8f3f43d012011f8f9795579 into the Token Contract Address field. 5) Hooray! Now you can see your balance of YAY. Click Add Tokens to finish up.

Authorization process happens in 3 steps. In order to do it, you need:

  1. Follow this link (

  2. Select the blockchain network (BSC or AVAX)

  3. Press the «Connect» button

❗️ Please note that you need to connect the wallet which you have specified when making an investment. Otherwise you would not be able to claim your tokens.

If everything was done correctly, you will be redirected to your personal account dashboard page.

Step 2: Receiving the tokens

After successful authorization, you will see available to collect tokens in the “You can claim” section .

Tokens withdrawal process is done in few clicks:

  1. Press the «Claim Tokens» button

  2. Сonfirm the transaction in the appeared window of the previously connected wallet

❗️ Please note: if you see tokens available in your personal account, but the “Claim tokens” button is unavailable, it means you need to wait for the next vesting round.

After receiving tokens, you will notice following changes:

  • The slider in the dashboard will move exactly by the number of tokens you have just received

  • The number of tokens to be received will drop to zero after receiving a part of vested tokens:


Q: Is it possible to claim only part of available tokens?

А: Unfortunately, no, such a possibility is not provided. You can only receive all available tokens at once.

Q: What happens if I login only after a few months?

А: Nothing to worry about, your tokens will be accumulated on your balance until you claim them.

Q: I logged in, but I can’t see my tokens?

А: Please double-check which wallet you used when logging in. You can receive your tokens only from the wallet, which you have specified when making an investment. If you did everything correctly but the issue remains, please reach us in Telegram ( - we will be happy to assist you.

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