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YAY Games Transparency

All the information about our contracts and code for you to keep an eye on our progress

Official Addresses:

YAY (Binance Smart Chain BEP20): 0x524df384bffb18c0c8f3f43d012011f8f9795579
YAY (Avalanche Network ERC20): 0x01C2086faCFD7aA38f69A6Bd8C91BEF3BB5adFCa
Vesting Contract (Binance Smart Chain): 0xd1b783336E0495B1d22EF8Ca8aC1b7b89C997c44
Vesting Contract (Avalanche Network): 0x9297c0833050B2fB2dBf5e285095BA4a2B342c68

Source Code Reveal:

Conduct of Holding Wallet Addresses \ Contract actions

Put under Gnosis 3\3 multi-sig put under trusted team members

BSC Network

Ticker: YAY
Contract Address:
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Avalanche Network
Ticker: YAY
Contract Address:
Chain: Avalanche Network (ERC20)