LOOT - NFT Marketplace

LOOT is the ultimate gaming NFT marketplace an all-in-one place to swap, trade, or buy gaming-related Non-Fungible-Tokens. Special NFT platform that uses multiple DeFi-mechanisms

1. Open the play.yay.games website

2. Click Loot

3. To buy or sell NFT, connect your wallet to play.yay.games by clicking the wallet icon

4. On the Loot you’ll find Top Games

5. Click on the any game icon

There you’ll see all the available games

*Click Back on the upper left corner to exit to the previous page

6. Select Explore Assets

or View more at the bottom of the game

you may find all the NFT’s, listed on MarketPlace. There is also: network where they are listed, seller, number and price

7. You may filter NFT’s according to the network (AVAX or Binance) and game implementation

8. Click on the NFT card you to overview it’s: Amount, Contract Address, Token ID, Token Standard, Price. Also, you may purchase it

I. To buy NFT

1. Select the card and Click on Buy for … YAY

2. Click Approve on the appeared menu

3. Click Confirm in the wallet

4. Approve the transaction by clicking Buy for … YAY on the appeared menu

5. One more time click Confirm in your wallet

6. Congratulations! You’re now an NFT owner!

7. Check My collections page in the Owned tab

II. How to check your collection and sell NFT

1. Click on the wallet icon in the right upper corner

2. Click on My collections on the appeared tab

3. Slide on Owned. There you may check your collection and sell some of them

4. Click on the NFT, you want to sell

5. Click Make order in the opened tap

6. In the Make order select the sale price and click Approve

  • Our market holds 5% of the amount declared by your NFT (that 5% fee will not go to your wallet - keep this in mind)

7. Click Confirm on you wallet

8. Click Make order

9. Click Confirm on you wallet

10. Your NFT put up for sale.

Click on Explore Loot

11. NFT is now on Explore Assets

  • You may check the list of all NFT’s on My collections sliding to On sale

  • After your NFT is bought, it disappears from the On sale section, and your wallet is automatically replenished with the amount specified by you (minus 5% commission)

III. How to remove the NFT from sale

  1. You may remove your NFT from sale, to do it select Loot or My collections

2. In the opened tab click on Remove from sell

3. Click on Confirm

4. Your NFT will be now removed from sale (and returned to My collections > Owned)

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